Dec 7, 2010

iPersonalTrainer makes sure you stay in iShape

Bryan from and Nick from have teamed-up to launch an iPhone app called iPersonalTrainer. As you can imagine, the application is made to make sure you get and stay in shape. In that sense, it’s touted as “having a personal trainer” that’s available at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need him (or her).
iPersonalTrainer is apparently the only application designed from the ground up that provides ideal workout routines based on your fitness level and goals. It tracks your progress and adjusts your weights and reps automatically.
Included in the mix are step by step process as well as hi-res videos and tips that explain how to do the exercises. Moreover, there are few handy tools like Weight Tracker, BMI Calculator, Plate Calculator, Body Measurement Tracker, Before and After Pictures and Stop Watch.
All in all, it’s a handy app to have installed on your iDevice. The only problem remains your personal commitment, but that’s not something iPersonalTrainer can’t do for you. icon wink iPersonalTrainer makes sure you stay in iShape
iPersonalTrainer ($1.99) [iTunes link]
source: Intomobile

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