Dec 7, 2010

Sundrop Mobile delivers location-based deal alerts to the iOS and Android users

A company called Sundrop Mobile is joining the location-based deals market. Their product (application) Reward Card Wallet allows consumers to store all their plastic loyalty cards on their iPhone or Android smartphone while at the same time delivering location-based marketing alerts from local businesses.
To jump on board, you need to register and see your existing loyalty program memberships being automatically added to the application. Any other loyalty card — grocery, convenience, motor club, etc. — can added to using the built-in barcode scanner.
Then on your next store visit, all you have to do is show the phone so that the cashier can scan the on-screen barcode representation of your plastic loyalty card. No longer will your wallet be too thick as all your loyalty cards will be stored in your smartphone.
The other part of the application allows merchants to send hot deals to the customers when they are in the vicinity of the store. At the moment, Reward Card Wallet features deals from its own network, as well as Groupon, Living Social, and other services. The application runs in the background but uses a battery-saving algorithm, making sure you can still make and take phone calls after you’re done with shopping…
Reward Card Wallet (FREE) [iTunes link]
[Android users will have to search for the application in the Android Market]

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