Dec 7, 2010

Truphone rebrands to TRU; Launches desktop application

Truphone is going beyond mobile by launching a desktop application that brings the same benefits the company’s mobile users can already enjoy to a computer near you. In other words, using the Truphone application on your computer you can save on phone calls as well as chat with your buddies across instant messaging networks.
Moreover, as part of this strategy to tackle the desktop and notebook VoIP market, the company has a new name – TRU. The lack of the “phone” part clearly reflects that it’s not just a mobile phone service anymore.
So what do we make out of this? For one thing, Truphone (that’s TRU now) seems like an ideal candidate to challenge Skype which started adopting closed policy. If you remember, Skype is no longer available to the NimBuzz and Fring users, which is kinda sad to say the least. The question is whether TRU will play its cards right to get a decent share of the market. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some bigger company acquiring them. Maybe Apple? Nokia? Samsung? HP? All of them seem like good candidates.
source: Intomobile

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