Jan 24, 2015

Daily CPU and harddisk status updates on Raspberry PI by mail

Very useful script to daily status updates of CPU temperature and attached HDD on your Raspberry Pi.
To create a script copy the code and make a file with command:
 cd to /path/you/prefered/  
 sudo nano nameofscript.py #this wiil create blank file and paste code   

 # coding=utf-8  
 import os  
 import smtplib  
 import statvfs  
 from datetime import timedelta  
 from email.mime.text import MIMEText  
 #Read the systems uptime:  
 with open('/proc/uptime', 'r') as f:  
   uptime_seconds = float(f.readline().split()[0])  
 # At First we have to get the current CPU-Temperature with this defined function  
 def getCPUtemperature():  
  res = os.popen('vcgencmd measure_temp').readline()  
 # Now we convert our value into a float number  
  temp = float(getCPUtemperature())  
 #Read the statistics of the drives in bytes and convert to Gigabytes (using the mount points)  
 GB = (1024 * 1024) * 1024  
 HDD = os.statvfs ("/media/SERVICE")  # in my case is mounted to /media/ , name is SERVICE  
 HDD = (HDD.f_frsize * HDD.f_bfree)/GB  
 #HDD1 = os.statvfs ("/media/HDD2")  
 #HDD1 = (HDD1.f_frsize * HDD1.f_bfree) / GB  
 # Enter your smtp Server-Connection  
 server = smtplib.SMTP('smtp.gmail.com' , 587)  
  #if your using gmail: smtp.gmail.com  
  # Login  
 server.login("yourmail@gmail.com" , "yourpassword")  
 # Now comes the Text we want to send. It will send the System Uptime, the CPU Temperature and the free space of your hard drives:  
 value = "System Uptime (hh:mm:ss) is: " + str(timedelta(seconds = uptime_seconds)) + "\n" + "CPU Temperature is: " + getCPUtemperature() + "C " + "\n" + "HDD Free Space: " + str(HDD) + " GB"  
 msg = MIMEText(value)  
 # The Subject of your E-Mail  
 msg['Subject'] = "Daily Raspberry Pi Status" #you can wtite everyting you prefer   
 # Consigner of your E-Mail  
 msg['From'] = "Raspberry Pi"  
 # recipient of your E-Mail  
 msg['To'] = "receivermail@gmail.com"  
 # Finally send the mail  
 server.sendmail("sendermail@gmail.com", "receivermail@gmail.com", msg.as_string())  
You have to change this lines according where your HDD is mounted and name of it:
 HDD = os.statvfs ("/media/SERVICE")      # in my case is mounted to media and name is SERVICE  
 HDD = (HDD.f_frsize * HDD.f_bfree)/GB  
Check where is maunted and what's the name of HHD with this command:
 df -h   
You will see it of the bottom of output. When you are ready with edited code test it with this command: cd /path/to/script sudo python nameofscript.py and wait to receive mail :) If everything is OK add script to crontab:
 su - #to become a root  
 crontab – e # to edit cron jobs  
and add this line:
 */*10* * * * python /path/to/yourscript/temp_usbHDD_status.py 2>&1   
 # with this you will receive mail every day at 10 am.  
To save it -> CTRL+O-> Enter To exit -> CTRL+X Final result: That's it! You are done!

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